“The Escape Plan” Decoder

Here is a look at one of our “Decoders” from the Escape Plan, our newest “Escape Experience.” This one was designed for an event aboard the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier Museum. Can you figure out how to use it without reading the instructions below?

A Decoder from The Escape Plan, a Team Building Game

Using the Decoder

If decoding letters into a number:

  1. Point the black arrow on the inner disk to one of the symbols on the outer disk.
  2. Locate the letter you are trying to decode. If the symbol that now appears below that letter is the same, then the number just below the letter is correct.
  3. Point the black arrow to a different symbol on the outer wheel if the first one does not match up.

Decoding symbols and numbers into letters/words:

  1. Locate the number on the inner wheel and note the symbol below it.
  2. Line up the black arrow to the same symbol on the outer wheel. The letter that now appears above the number you are decoding is the correct letter.

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