“The Escape Plan” Decoder

Here is a look at one of our “Decoders” from the Escape Plan, our newest “Escape Experience.” This one was designed for an event aboard the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier Museum. Can you figure out how to use it without reading the instructions below?

A Decoder from The Escape Plan, a Team Building Game

Using the Decoder

If decoding letters into a number:

  1. Point the black arrow on the inner disk to one of the symbols on the outer disk.
  2. Locate the letter you are trying to decode. If the symbol that now appears below that letter is the same, then the number just below the letter is correct.
  3. Point the black arrow to a different symbol on the outer wheel if the first one does not match up.

Decoding symbols and numbers into letters/words:

  1. Locate the number on the inner wheel and note the symbol below it.
  2. Line up the black arrow to the same symbol on the outer wheel. The letter that now appears above the number you are decoding is the correct letter.

The Bridging Race– team building exercise from Corporate Games

Here’s an interesting and effective, outdoor team activity that requires strategy, collaboration and communication at all levels. It seems relatively simple but it prompts a lot of discussion, which is what a good team building exercise should do. It is great for just about any size group.

Team size– should be 7-10 people per team. Teams should have the same number of people if you want to be totally “fair.” Using cones or tape, mark out a distance of 45-50 feet on a flat surface (grass, sand, concrete are all ok). Every team receives 4 sheets of poster board: one blue, one red and two yellow.

Each team’s goal is to get its members across the 50′ field by only stepping on the poster boards. No one can step on the ground directly. However, the Blue sheet can accommodate up to 4 people at once; the Yellow sheets can take up to two people at any given moment and the Red sheet — only one person. Team members need to figure out the fastest way to move their team across the 50′ field. If any person breaks these rules or steps off of a poster board, that person is sent back to the start. The team that manages to succeed first “wins.”

We won’t give you any hints on how it is done. That is something you and your teams will need to decide.