Team Olympics & Picnic Games

Outdoor Team Building Games: Team Olympics & Picnic Games

This is a series of unique outdoor team building games that are designed with teamwork as a basis. Fun and challenging, our rotation system insures maximum participation. We promote and design Team Olympics Team Building games in which everyone plays all at once as opposed to events in which individuals take turns. Corporate Games Team Olympics games can be a mix of athletic and non-athletic competitions – some more physical than others, but we provide a good mix that has something for everyone.

If you are on the beach, our Beach Olympics series of events includes team bonding games like Sand Sculpting Competition, Beachball Volleyball, and other activities that require sand, water, or both. The entire Team Olympics Team Building event is customized to your group, time frame and location.

Corporate Games Team Olympics Team Building provides the logistics, the equipment, the facilitators, scorekeeping system and medals for the winners. We can even supply an "Olympic Torch," country flags, medal ceremony stand and music.

You can choose from over 20 titles, including:

Frisbee Football, Over the Line Softball, Shot Put and Discus, Archery, Amoeba Race, Cross Country Skiing, Balloon Catapulting, Water Brigade, Dragon's Tail, Loop the Loop, Balloon Walk, Territory Speedway, Sit Down Soccer, Human Chairs, Frisbee Golf and more. We also provide more traditional tournament team bonding games, like volleyball, softball, bocce ball and croquet.

Picnic Games

Corporate Games provides over 20 fun picnic games to choose from. There are activities that are geared for adults, children, and for kids and adults together. We can even get your pets into the act! Though we can provide the traditional events like Tug o' War, Water Balloon Toss and Sack Racing, most of our games are team oriented and offer new twists and unique challenges. These do not rely on athletic ability, so they are great fun and entertainment for all.

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... one manual for those on a budget or who want to "do it yourself":

"Great Games for Company Picnics"

This provides easy to follow, step-by-step explanations of some great activities we have designed that don’t require a lot of equipment or materials. In our picnic manual there are diagrams, checklists and helpful photos. All the events are team oriented versus the old standard relay races. Additionally we provide support for this manual. The manual sells for $75.00, to order please refer to our main menu "Books from Corporate Games."


"All I can say is ...WOW! I don’t think I ever witnessed a group respond so positively to a teambuilding activity. The Par for the Course program was undeniably a tremendous success."

--ProActive Inc.