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Corporate Games’ Game of Crowns, Corporate Team Building

NEW - GAME OF CROWNS If you’re a fan of “Game of Thrones” and seek an adventurous team competition, this is the event for you. Control the fate of your house by using your forces to diminish the armies of others. Teamwork, wit and creativity will allow you to tame dragons and win this spirited competition. Game of crowns provides extraordinary group problem solving challenges to which there are multiple solutions. Can you “Escape the Dungeon,” “Rule the Nightwalkers,” or “Protect the Castle?” These are just a few of the creative challenges found in this entertaining and meaningful series of events. Winter may be coming, but it is always summer in Corporate Games’ Game of Crowns.

Corporate Games’ SURVIVORS!, Corporate Team Building

Corporate Games’ SURVIVORS! This team building game offers the excitement of the popular TV series, "Survivor." However, the challenges are activities anyone can do, and the objective is to keep your team together, not eliminate teammates. It provides unique group problem solving opportunities and fun team challenges in the context of a group that is trying to "survive." Teams rotate through four or five stations; between the stations there are "immunity challenges." These events stress team survival, incorporate the features of any outdoor setting, and require communication, cooperation and teamwork. For each activity, a team is asked to select a different "captain" giving many people on the team a chance to communicate and lead the team. Survivors! can be done indoors as well as outdoors.

LOST, Team Building Game

LOST Change and dealing with a variety of challenges are key issues in this event. Using this fun and familiar theme, your group is split into teams who are attempting to “get off of an island.” They will face a variety of unique situations in order to accomplish this, and need to cope with a number of “incidents” that will change their team make-up and abilities. These challenges are interrupted at intervals by a number of “incidents”…

It is fun, challenging and a good mix of physical challenges with things that are cerebral and all require collaboration and teamwork.

Corporate Games’ Amazingly Lost, Corporate Team Building

AMAZINGLY LOST The Amazing Race meets LOST-- in this fun series of corporate team building and unique team challenges. Teams must navigate through a number of challenge stations in order to receive clues that will allow them to figure out where in the world they have been shipwrecked. Just like the popular TV series, if you do not succeed at a challenge, you are stuck there until you do. It might be as simple as memorizing a dozen objects or as creative as making a water filtering device. You never know what kind of surprises await your team in this entertaining, collaborative team bonding adventure!

Corporate Games’ Minutes-to-Win-It, Corporate Team Building

TEAM MINUTES-TO-WIN-IT OUTDOORS Great for a company picnic and better than your typical Team Olympics, this fun, engaging set of team challenges pits teams against the clock-- not each other. Yes, there are "winners" in the end, but every competition allows every team to win if they are working well with their team members. These challenges are timed from 2 to 5 minutes, and teams are given time to strategize and practice before starting. Challenges are a mix of very active and more cerebral activities, so there is really something for everyone. Call or email us to get examples of the challenges in this fun, unique series!

QUEST for the Grail

QUEST for the Grail If you're a fan of the Indiana Jones tales, you'll love this event. It's not only fun, but it is a fantastic way to have your participants learn something new and apply it to business right away. The Quest for the Grail includes costumes and props from the movies, the "Chambers of Knowledge," an archeological dig, deciphering of hieroglyphics, getting through the chaotic Market Place and more. But in the end, teams need to give an entertaining presentation on how they would tackle a current business problem-- using Indiana Jones imagery, music and props. This team building game is a fun and incredibly valuable learning tool!

The Insider MOLE

The Insider MOLE An intriguing mystery requiring everyone’s powers of observation and keen instincts. This event has similarities to one of the reality TV shows—without being divisive. A person from the group is randomly selected to be The Insider. Players must try to figure out who is The Insider as they embark upon a series of fun, team challenges.

These challenges require creative thinking, resourcefulness, and good communication skills. Every participant tries to support the team effort, while The Insider secretly and subtly does what s/he can to undermine the team. In the end the person(s) who succeed at uncovering The Insider’s identity win. Real money is at stake!

No Ropes Course

No Ropes Course Our fun, go anywhere "course"" is low in risk and high in fun. It consists of 8 different events that help people learn about trust, practice, communication, perseverance, total participation, and the value of fun. These events can be done in a competitive way or non-competitive, depending upon your objectives and group size. Does not require athletic ability or strength.


Break-In --a Team Escape Challenge

*NEW* The ESCAPE Plan A fun, creative Escape Room challenge for large groups of 50 up to 350. Companies can opt to utilize a unique venue like a museum, ship, or other event space (indoor or outdoor)—and have its features incorporated into the game. Each team has a team table. The room has objects, which hide clues and keys that will allow the group to solve a series of “puzzles” that unlock a series of padlocks –and complete the mission. The scenario and rules are provided to each team before receiving the first in a series of mission envelopes, however, instructions are minimal. Teams need to figure out what the various objects and clues in the envelope mean and how they are relevant to the clues discovered in the room. For example, the first envelope might include:

  1. 1. A foreign postcard
  2. 2. A flashlight
  3. 3. Part of a decoding device
  4. 4. A cryptic message written on crumpled paper
  5. 5. An odd code that is hidden in the graphic design of the envelope itself
It is the ultimate test of working together and persevering to find answers.

Break-In --a Team Escape Challenge

New * Break-In - a Team Escape Challenge This event is just one of several, new “Escape Challenges” offered by Corporate Games. It’s a fun, creative competition in which teams need to use their wits and senses to “break-in” to a locked room within 2 hours. It’s a spy-themed mission that requires collaboration, cooperation, and the ability to solve interesting puzzles. This event is perfect for small groups of 20 or less. The team is given a number of locations to visit within a given area –usually a large campus, downtown area, or tourist area. Though the team may break up into two equal factions in order to work faster, they must always be in touch. Plus there are challenges that they will face—and they must all be present in order to take them. These challenges, posed by facilitators, will allow them to collect information that unlocks the final room.

You're Hired!

“The Spark Tank!” If people have seen the Shark Tank, they can really appreciate the team challenge that showcases this activity. Each team represents a group of inventors that must create a brand new consumer product out of some standard household item. They have the ability to modify these items, by cutting them and embellishing them with colored tape and markers. They need to name their new product and present it briefly to the entire group. At that point, all the products are given to another team to do the marketing—and create a compelling television commercial. Some are upset that they do not get to do the commercial about the product they developed—or that they now have to do the marketing for a product that someone else made up. Dealing with surprise change is an important lesson here. Of course, there is a panel that decides which products are worth investing in.

The Ad Biz

The Ad Biz Each team must create and film a 60-second television commercial. These commercials must be about their own company and be as creative, persuasive and entertaining as possible. Costumes and props are available for the participants. At the end of the creative period (1.5- 2 hours), each team shows its commercial, and the entire group votes for Best Commercial. Creative and entertaining!

CGI Crime Game Investigation

CGI Crime Game Investigation A "fatality" or "incident" takes place. It is up to each of the crime scene units to respond and gather evidence. Participants must collect clues from the crime scene as well as find out information from "Top Investigators." Teams also receive copies of interviews with witnesses and associates of the victim. Each team will present its solution to a “jury” who will determine the best CGI team. This is a great activity for the “Investigator” in all of us!

The GAME Behind the Game

The GAME Behind the Game Creating a game is one of the most collaborative activities you will ever experience. We all know what a game is: it's entertaining, social, often has strategy, communication skills required, competitive and more! The Game Behind the Game is two "games" in one. The actual process of the event is one game- in which we make changes, have you change teams, and have limited resources. What your team(s) creates is another game, but it must illustrate and support a concept-- like "dealing with change." You have to work with your teammates to create a fun, interesting competitive game that will delight the other teams. Will it be too simple, too complicated, or just right? Intriguing, unpredictable, and fun, because you get to play the games created by the other teams. Plus, you are only limited by your imagination-- and the main question is always "What if...?"

The Catacombs This is a fast, “shifting” giant board game that is played by four teams of 2-4 people per team. The object of the activity is to work with your team members to collect “artifacts” that are inside a giant maze (5' x 5' square grid of 8” tiles). To do this, they must navigate their player token along clear passageways to reach the items. Teams manipulate the walls and passageways by shifting the tiles that make up the maze each time it is their turn. This is done by inserting a new square tile at the end of one row of the giant grid that makes up the maze. Pushing the new tile into place shifts all the tiles in that row and changes the look (opens or closes passageways) of the maze.

The Puzzling Team Challenge

The Puzzling Team Challenge Each team of 10-12 people has a 63 to 100 piece jigsaw puzzle that they must try to complete-- before any other team completes theirs. Another goal for each team is to "find the hidden message" on the back of their completed puzzle. There are a couple of factors that make this seemingly easy task more difficult, and force them to really organize and communicate. These factors include:

Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea was designed to support the Time Management section of Stephen Covey's book, "Seven Principles of Highly Effective People." In this activity, teams are each on a "life raft" and leaving a "sinking ship." They must decide what to take (there is a weight limit) and what to do during their first day adrift at sea. The day, of course, is riddled with events and crises. The team that is most effective at planning and working together can avoid "crisis management" and is "saved" first.


Engineering Olympics

New * Engineering Olympics This is a fast paced competition to design and build structures that meet certain criteria –within tight deadlines. In each contest, the teams are given the materials, tools, objectives and deadline. With each subsequent contest, the challenges get more difficult. Each competition is scored differently. This encourages each team to understand the measure of success, and plan accordingly. For this 2.5 hour event, there are 3 engineering competitions that are selected from an intriguing list that includes: Marshmallow Shooter, Rocket Launchers, The Ball Machine, The Tower, Marshmallow Catapult, Walking on Eggs, Mousetrap Cars, and more. It’s extremely popular with engineers.

Building Bridges

Demolition Derby A very exciting and creative competition that is also very flexible in terms of space and time. Each team is supplied with a very zippy radio controlled car. They must build armor for their car—out of paper, foamcore board, tape, glue and other supplies. These have to be strong enough to withstand battering, but light enough to allow maneuverability. Each team should also make their car look awesome. The Demolition Derby has four components:

In the end, the winning team members get to choose a car to take home.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges Our most popular "group problem solving game." It teaches people to communicate with each other AND their customers and ask questions in order to provide better service, better products, and even help develop new products. The activity starts with each team being told that they are a design- engineering firm and that they are competing against each other to win a contract to build a bridge for a growing city. The teams are given minimal information, but they can talk to representatives of the city and state if they choose. These are people located in three different places. In the end, the teams must actually build a model of their bridge (that holds the weight of people standing on it) and give a sales presentation to "government officials." The models are out of cardboard, tape and string. If teams take the time to communicate and ask the right questions, they'll be able to come up with an appropriate model and a solid sales pitch. The resulting models are unbelievable!

The Outrageous Frog Catapulting Contest

The Outrageous Frog Catapulting Contest A spirited competition in which teams must design and build catapult devices that will fling bean bag frogs 70 feet toward a target. Catapults are built out of PVC pipe and surgical tubing. Testing, trial and error, brainstorming are all part of this fun event. Teams can even "perform surgery" on their frogs to make them more aerodynamic. Another fun variation on this event is "Egg Catapulting"--using real eggs.

The Great Auto Race

The Great Auto Race This event is fabulous for groups of as small as 25 or large as 150. Each team of 10 people puts together a "car" that will carry two people, provide steering and braking. The construction requires creativity, group problem solving and "buying" parts to make the car. At the end of the construction phase (about 2.5 - 3 hours), there is a race. Two to four cars take the track simultaneously; each is powered by two team members who can push the car a limited distance before letting go. Each car is timed. Helmets, pads, and straw bales are provided. The team with the highest combined score for spirit, design and fastest driving time wins!

Par For The Course

Par For The Course An incredibly creative and fun team event, in which each team is challenged with building a hole for a miniature golf course. The real lesson to be learned is the vital importance of all teams communicating in order to build an entire course together. The competition for the most creative hole as well as the best golf score can get intense! Great for indoors or outdoors, and you don't need to know how to golf in order to participate.

Sandcastle Wars

Sandcastle Wars A new twist on building sand castles. It relies on creativity, resourcefulness and strategy. Each team of 6-8 people is given a number of building implements and some play money. Their challenge is to build a strong sand castle that will withstand assault by a variety of weapons. With the money, teams must make purchasing decisions about building materials and weapons for the war (for the final battle). There is a time limit, so planning and execution are of utmost importance.

Boat Building and Racing (or "Castaways")

Boat Building and Racing (or "Castaways") This is a great outdoor event in which teams must build boats out of cardboard, tape and plastic-- that will actually carry two people and stay afloat. It is a fabulous team event that we can tie to any number of business lessons-- including communications, group consensus, teamwork, and quality. We supply the basic blueprints for the boats, but teams can modify these in any way they choose. Because there is a real boat race in the end (with life jackets), it is a particularly exciting event.


A-MAZING! Design and construct large labyrinths that need to be operated by at least 4 people tilting it so a ball can roll through the maze—without falling into any traps! Each teams constructs a complex, 3-dimensional maze—limited only by their imagination. We have seen mini-villages built as part of these detailed labyrinths. After the construction phase, teams get to try the mazes built by the other teams. Lots of fun and surprises.

Mousetrap Car Grand Prix

Mousetrap Car Grand Prix This is a fun, spirited design competition and race that will have everyone cheering. Each Mousetrap car is built from balsa wood, plastic “CD's” for wheels, metal rods for axles, construction paper for the body. The spring of a mouse trap provides the main power for the car, though we also provide other materials to make key racing modifications. Teams have time to build, experiment and make modifications to enhance speed and distance—before competing in very spirited races. This event offers great flexibility in terms of space requirements, venue and time frame so it can be done virtually anywhere – in time frames ranging from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Towering Objectives

Towering Objectives A fabulous group problem solving game that was designed to accommodate meetings that had only 60-90 minutes for an effective team building/experiential learning event. The activity challenges teams of 8 people to design and construct a tower out of cards and tape-- that will hold the weight of up to 40 oz. of water resting on top of it. There are many pieces of information and specifications that need to be communicated and translated into tangible product. A debriefing session really helps crystallize the importance of the business skills that are being utilized.

Hover Craft Races

Hover Craft Races Each team designs a spacecraft model, which will run on a magnetic track. They are provided with materials and tools to do this, plus items that will help propel their ships (balloons, rubber bands, etc). The models "hover" above the magnetic track, because the magnets on the bottom of each model are placed so that they repel the magnets on the track. After all models are finished, there are a series of races to determine the fastest hovercraft.

Walking on Eggs

Walking on Eggs One of our most entertaining events! Teams are challenged with designing and making shoes that will actually walk on real eggs! There are a lot of decisions that need to be made as a group, including which eggs to walk on and what materials they can purchase or bargain for. A final relay race, where all team members must take turn wearing their shoe designs and walk on eggs caps off this fantastic event. The cheering can be deafening!


The Amazing Journey

The Amazing Journey It’s part “foreign mission,” part intercontinental race, and totally engaging. Imagine having to explore a “cave” (dark room) with a flashlight and binoculars, or rely on your knowledge of map reading and geography to “advance your journey.” If you’re a fan of television’s Amazing Race, but only have a few hours, this is the event for you. “Amazing Journey” is a fantastic competition in which teams must figure out the 10 cities in the world that comprise the “race route.” They do this by going to various locations and finding and deciphering clues, along with attempting fun challenges from facilitators stationed at different places. There are creative elements that draw upon the skills of every team member. Resourcefulness and access to technology and the internet play key roles. It’s a great way to get people together and a fabulous learning tool that is really fun.


“Quest” This is a fabulous event that relies on communication, teamwork and creativity. It also allows participants to discover points of interest in the area covered by the hunt. Each team gets a 'hunt booklet'. The booklet contains a list of about 30- 40 tasks that can be completed in exchange for (play) money. Teams can also answer questions and take 'physical or mental challenges' to get 'bonus dollars.' Lots of fun twists!

Team Orienteering

Team Orienteering The sport of Orienteering gets a new twist. We can set up an Orienteering course at any site of your choice. Plus, depending upon the fitness level of your group, it can be as leisurely or athletic as you would like. Our unique brand of Orienteering requires map reading, group decision- making and risk taking, as teams attempt to "navigate" their way to a number of control points. Depending upon the route they select, they will earn a number of points. Time is important but not as critical as good planning.


Challenges "archaeological teams" to find buried artifacts. These artifacts are worth "money," and fortunes can be amassed when teams take the artifacts to any one of a number of "Traders." These Traders pay "money" for the artifacts depending upon a team's ability to correctly answer questions. A lot of little twists make the adventure a lot of fun and keep people working together on strategy and planning.

Mission Impossible Is a spy mission, in which teams must locate certain places and take specific types of pictures. In exchange for taking the pictures, teams can collect puzzle pieces from "spies and informants"-- who are located throughout the area. These puzzle pieces will form a secret message. The final idea behind this activity is that teams discover that they can work together instead of compete against each other. Each team's puzzle connects to all the other puzzles to form one gigantic company message.


Fog! "Fog" combines the freedom of a scavenger hunt activity with the fun of team games. Each team starts at a different location and has a map to several other sites, which they must get to within a specific period of time. At each site, the team has a physical challenge that they must perform in order to earn clues. These challenges are mental as well as physical, but do not require athletic ability or being in shape. The clues allow team members to figure out the objective of the game and how to "win." Communication, strategy, and planning are all essential.


The Great Food Truck Challenge This is a fun, unique twist in culinary teamwork. The Great Food Truck Challenge encourages teams to create their own “fast food” taste-treat, engage in some entertaining team challenges, make monetary business decisions about their product, and finally get to enjoy and judge the “gourmet offerings” produced by all the teams.

Teams are normally formed in advance of the actual competition day. They need to decide upon or create a recipe for an item that can be wrapped and sold from a food truck. We would provide instructions and ideas for them that are sent via email. Each team has a budget of $100 and must purchase the food and packaging items in advance of the competition. They should also come up with a name for their team and some sort of team identification—whether matching headbands, bandanas, hats, or ?


Vine-opoly Wine blending and tasting are part of this fun, fast-paced event, in which you and your business associates pit your decision making, negotiating and teamwork skills against those of other “companies” (teams). The object of the game: is to accumulate wealth through planning and good business decisions in buying, selling, developing vineyards, and producing great wines.Each team starts with 4 Vine-opoly cards and some cash. They work together and individually to trade their cards with other teams—in order to form “Vine-opolies” (usually 3 or 4 cards of the same type, but with different regional names). You can imagine the amount of chaos, talking and team bonding that goes on during the activity. For a group that does not often get to meet this is a perfect way to maximize interaction. There are many other twists that add to the fun –“Sideways” cards, “Free Parking,” “Wine Barrels of Fun” and passing “Go”—all figure into it. It’s fun, fast-paced, always entertaining. A wine-blending, tasting/drinking component in the game is a fun option. In the end, the team with the highest net worth is declared the winner.


Express Yourself! Improv, Painting, Sculpting & more

We offer groups a great way to express themselves, both in teams as well as individually. A customized program allows you to choose from acting or improv, drawing, painting, sculpting, photography and more. Or, you can experience wonderful arts and crafts from making unusual picture frames to unique ways of dying clothing and accessories. We offer a very wide variety of media and projects to choose from.

Collaborative Team Painting

Collaborative Team Painting This is a very creative and fun event outdoor excursion that some people like to do while picnicking and/or sipping wine. The group would be split into small teams. Every team has a canvas, brushes, paints, pencils. An instructor would explain to them the basics of painting a landscape (assuming this is done outdoors at a park), including techniques for painting trees, shrubs, lawn, hills, etc.. They should be right in front of the subject matter to be painted. The team challenge requires them to divide the landscape into separate paintings that altogether would make one scene. That means each team takes one section of the landscape and they must match subject details and color at the point that their canvases connect.

Teaming with Rhythm

Teaming with Rhythm This is fun, energizing event which has everyone "moving to the beat" in the end. Every team makes a percussion instrument-- enough for each team member. A band of three musicians divides up the teams and teaches each one a different rhythm. The teams practice separately-- and then finally altogether. The coordinated rhythms sound great together. The debriefing includes discussions about diversity, utilization of resources, awareness of other teams, and the importance of good listening skills. Everyone is a winner, and comes away feeling great--- even if they can't keep a beat!

Dancing on Broadway Ever wish you could have been in that hot opening number from “Chicago?” This is a great team builder for small groups that love music and dance. Easy steps are taught in small teams. You choose from a variety of Broadway numbers. Costumes are selected and there is plenty of rehearsing before we video tape the final performance—for you to keep. An experience you and your team will never forget. You can also choose Line Dancing or any other form of dance (including Ballroom).

Fashion Experts If you love “Project Runway,” you’ll love this fun chance to be a fashion designer and model. Each team gets a number of items with which to design and make a fabulous outfit based on a given theme or objective. They are also allowed to scavenge and use unusual materials—tree leaves? Tissue paper? There is never a right answer in fashion, and the final show is always surprising and entertaining.


Virtually any Corporate Games event can be modified so that it benefits the charity of your choice. However, we also have designed a number of activities that benefit specific organizations…

Amazin’ gRace
This is a take-off on the television show, where teams try to get to a number of locations and have to do a variety of “community service” challenges in order to get a clue to the next location. We have designed it to make it safer (so people are not “racing”). Locations that are within walking distance of each other that need some TLC. Once a team is successful at the task, they receive a clue to another station/location. The teams start at different locations so they are not just following each other around all the time.

Bike-Opoly (a charitable and “green” event)
This is a fantastically fun event that culminates with donating completed tricycles or bicycles to a local charity. This is a fun, fast-paced competition, in which you and your business associates pit your decision making, negotiating and teamwork skills against those of other “companies” (teams). The object of the game: is to accumulate wealth through planning and good business decisions in buying, selling and developing property—and to ultimately build a bike. Teams receive cards for bicycle parts when they get Chance or Community Chest cards. They can also “purchase” parts. Of course, they can trade parts with other teams. They can purchase tools with the money they accumulate. Teams have a great time playing and fun doing something for a good cause.

The Amazing Journey– (Indoor CSR version)
The primary goal of this event is to figure out which countries (cities) in the world that teams are supposed to visit and the actual route of the race (which city to travel to first, which place second, etc., etc.). The secondary goal is to amass as much (play) money as possible, since money is what would be needed to finance such a trip. Teams will accomplish these goals by going to 16 rooms or site and taking challenges or deciphering clues. Once a team has figured out the list of international cities and the route, they need to turn in their completed answer sheet and the money they have amassed. The money that is amassed by all teams is given to a local food bank. Possible total per team is $80. Most teams earn around $50.

Landscaping Challenge (for Habitat for Humanity)
In the fun, outdoor event, each team is responsible for planning, designing, purchasing and creating the landscaping of a Habitat for Humanity house. In all Habitat for Humanity homes, the backyards are usually left bare for the new owners to plant. Families that have limited income usually worry about the backyard last if at all. So, this activity is a nice way to really finish each home.

Entertainment Tonight!
This is a fun way to build teams in your company and give back to the community too. This can be a talent contest or variety show or play that is put on by a team or several teams. They work on it at times of their choosing up until the night of the event. Your company “sells tickets” to the event (within the company and can also be to the public in your community)—all proceeds to go to charity. For those team members who are not into being on stage, they can direct, provide scenery, props, costuming, audio, special effects or lighting. It does take an entire team to get this done.

Nature Hike and Trail Assistance
You can help your local regional park district and have fun too. Start with a leisurely and informative hike through a beautiful wooded area—led by a park ranger or naturalist. Then spend two hours assisting park staff in trail maintenance. This includes cutting back low branches, removing small trees that block trails, cordoning off areas so vegetation can get re-established, planting young trees, and more. Enjoy a picnic lunch at a redwood grove, and finish the afternoon with “Water Games” (if hot), or a fun “team Olympics.”

Designer Trees
You can help your local regional park district and have fun too. Start with a leisurely and informative hike through a beautiful wooded area—led by a park ranger or naturalist. Then spend two hours assisting park staff in trail maintenance. This includes cutting back low branches, removing small trees that block trails, cordoning off areas so vegetation can get re-established, planting young trees, and more. Enjoy a picnic lunch at a redwood grove, and finish the afternoon with “Water Games” (if hot), or a fun “team Olympics.”Each team is given an artificial, pre-lit Christmas tree. There is a theme given to all teams. For example: “Christmas Songs.” Each team then selects a Christmas song or carol and uses the lyrics of the song to guide them in the decorating of their team’s tree. Each team has play money with which to purchase ornaments and craft materials to decorate their tree. At the end of the afternoon, all the trees are moved to the company lobby to be put on display. At the base of each tree is a “lottery box.” All company employees are encouraged to purchase tickets. They place their tickets in the boxes of the trees or tree they would like to own. A week before Christmas, there is a drawing for each tree, and the winners are notified. You could even tie this in with a holiday party.The proceeds from the lottery ticket sales are given to charity.

The Apprentice Entrepreneurs (benefits charity of choice)
The challenge is: how to make the most money in one day? Each group of “entrepreneurs” is given a set amount of “seed capital” to get started. They must decide what services or products they can offer anyone to make money. Whether they start a Car Wash or sell “Instant IT Services”—it depends heavily upon a team’s human resources—and how much time it takes to get up and running.
At the end of the day, each team tally’s up how much money their business has generated. The team with the highest total wins, and all money collected is donated to the charity of the winning team’s choice.

Bikes for Tykes
Each team assembles and embellishes a bicycle for a child. These are new bikes, which are finally donated to underprivileged families in the local area.
Each team has tools, instructions and all bicycle parts. Plus, they have play money to purchase enamel paint pens, add baskets, horns, pumps, decals, etc. Each team also “designs” bike helmets to go with the bikes.

We have also designed activities that involve:


This is a great energizer and team training activity. It consists of a series of three to four, fun exercises that not only are entertaining, but encourage lively discussion afterward. These are activities can be indoors or outdoors, but require only our lightest equipment that is easily packed. This series is meant for one or two teams (groups of 16 or less), and it takes about 90 minutes- 2 hours. After each activity, there is team discussion about strategy, communication, and leadership skills

Select from a wide range of challenges with different objectives. Here are just a few examples:
Improv (to improve listening and appropriate responses)
This is a great way to loosen up, practice communication skills and have fun too. We divide the group into two teams. We start out with easy warm-ups and get progressively more challenging. This team building game always generates a lot of laughter!

Board Room Leadership
A quick review of Roberts Rules of Order is given prior to this entertaining, role-playing activity—which focuses on controlling a meeting and advancing the agenda. After a thorough review of the concepts, we have the members take part in a role-playing activity. Using a fictitious company, we provide people with a number of interesting roles. There will be some disagreement among the participants in this fictitious scenario, and we see how they manage to handle it.

“Seek to Understand Before Being Heard”
This is an excellent training session on how to diffuse arguments, approach difficult conversations and move forward positively. The basis for this discussion comes from Stephen Covey’s book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” They will learn skills that are great for professional and personal use. Concepts, tools and phrases are given and practiced. Role play situations are hilarious yet meaningful. We provide the initial scenarios, but the group will come up with its own, original scenarios, based on their own experiences.

The Ball Machine
This activity requires each team to come up with a solution, meet a deadline, and execute the challenge as well as they can. Using a series of PVC pipes and connectors with varying diameters, each team must construct a pipeline that uses all parts given to them; they must connect properly. The pipeline needs to be designed in such a way that allows small balls to roll through it in the quickest time possible. Trial and error play an important part in this event. At the end of the design and construction period, there is a race. Afterward, we discuss the team dynamics and what helped or hindered them in their success.

The Maze—a logic and communication challenge
The “maze” is from our Survivors! series of challenges. It is made out of tiles placed face down in an orderly pattern of columns and rows on the ground. Some of the tiles have red circles on them (on the underside). To get through the maze, a team would have to figure out the correct sequence of tiles-- uncovering each one with a red circle. Tiles with red circles are located next to each other: forward, sides, diagonally. Team members take turns at the maze and do not get to observe the movements of their other teammates, so it is essential that each person communicate their steps to the rest of the team-- so that their mistakes are not repeated but their successes are.

Flight- collaborating with another team
From our No Ropes series, this challenge appears to be a team competition. However, teams may or may not realize that cooperation will actually help them succeed much faster. Each team positions its members around one large circular area. Each team has a set of ropes that maneuver a hook. They move the hook by passing the ropes around the circle to their teammates. They need to position the hook over a series of airplanes, and lift each to a marked landing zone area (without knocking over a central tower of blocks). Because two teams are working in the same area and their ropes overlap, it is easy to interfere with each other’s progress—unless they can agree to cooperate.

THE TEAM BUILDING BLITZ for teams smaller than 16 is $1500 (in the greater SF Bay Area). It can be a single team training session, or a series of four, 2-hour sessions spread over a month, a quarter or a year. If you have regular team meetings, this is a great series and a fantastic value at a 10% discount off of the regular single session rate. Contact us with questions!


"The movies turned out to be hilarious. Who knew a bunch of finance people could be so creative! Dave, the manager, loved the results. Thank you for working with me to select the activity."

--Bank of the West