Serious Team Building

It is not always just a game with Corporate Games

Corporate Games, Inc. is in the business of Team Building and Meeting Facilitation Training in the Bay Area. This means that our facilitators can brief and thoroughly debrief our events. They are not just there to run and referee an entertaining game (unless that is what you want).

We offer "Team Assessment & Solution" sessions in advance of any of our team building events. Our facilitators provide a positive process for:

Teams will assess their own strengths and opportunities for improvement as well as provide concrete ideas for enhancing performance.

Our customized debriefing sessions are based on your input and allow you to do the debriefing in tandem with us for maximum benefit and impact. We do not know your company or your associates like you do, therefore we encourage your involvement in the debriefing process to make it much more meaningful.

Additionally, our debriefings sessions are interactive and require that participants take part in presenting their ideas on the meaning of the team building exercise. This insures that they are listening and involved-- and will learn and remember more than they would if someone were just giving a speech.

Many companies advertise that they do team building, when in fact they are just renting games, whereas we provide activities that actually teach communication skills and allow people to practice working as a team. Our Meeting Facilitation Training in the Bay Area is like no other.

The S.T.A.R Profile

This is a quick and fascinating way to find out about yourself and each of your team members. The S.T.A.R. profiler was developed at Corporate Games, Inc. to illustrate how people differ in terms of Styles and Tendencies, Abilities and Reactors (what motivates each individual). People discover some very interesting things about themselves and learn to appreciate the differences in other team members. S.T.A.R. identifies what makes each person unique and what talents each can offer the group. This is a great way to start a team building day, and/or a discussion about Diversity.

For teams that are interested in more in depth personality profiles, we have facilitators who are certified in providing and assessing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Team Intervention

We work with dysfunctional teams who have a history of ongoing problems and have not been able to find resolution. We have developed a program that addresses the concerns and attitudes of each team member. Each person is interviewed separately to ascertain their individual perspectives. We then bring the team together in open discussion. We teach new communication skills, including "active listening" and "effective ways to provide feedback." We encourage a "team mentality" by finding common ground and by prompting behavior and attitude shifts. This is a program that is monitored over a period of four months.

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"We have already gotten a lot of positive feedback about your event, and everyone has said that they were very pleasantly surprised. Thanks again for your great work!"

--PMI Mortgage Insurance