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Corporate Games: Bringing People Together with Team Building Games

In this world of high tech communications, how do you maximize face-to-face meetings and get your team to work together more effectively? Accomplish this goal in the fastest, most efficient and entertaining ways with Corporate Games, among the top corporate team building companies. With proven training techniques and the widest variety of corporate team building activities, you reap the benefits of accelerated learning and team performance. We travel throughout the United States and internationally... wherever your meeting is.

We provide three levels of service:

Call us at 800-790-GAME(4263) or contact us online for more information.


Every team has issues. What are yours? When people call to ask about corporate team building, we hear about a wide variety of problems that we tell them how to address. It does not always involve hiring us for a team building program. We invite you to write to us at: and describe your team's issue(s). We'll send you our suggestions on how to solve it; no sales pitch just our honest opinion based on over 20 years of team building experience. If we don't have an answer, we'll tell you that too.

The Corporate Games Vision

To be the most creative, innovative team building company in the United States, offering the widest variety of team building programs and services.

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Why choose Corporate Games, Inc?

We are "GREEN" conscious

At Corporate Games we are environmentally conscious and do whatever we can to recycle materials. Especially when it comes to our construction events, we take the extra hours to reclaim materials that can be reused rather than throw them away. This is more time consuming, but ultimately better for our environment. A prime example is our Grand Prix event in which teams build cars that hold two people. We painstakingly dismantle these cars at the end of the event so the hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, etc.) and wooden components can all be used again. We purchase recycled goods when possible and do all we can to use products that are biodegradable or can be recycled.

We encourage our facilitators to carpool or take public transportation whenever possible. If we all work together we can help make our planet a better and safer place.

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Ask people what they think "team building" is and you get a wide variety of answers. Some feel that it's getting better acquainted, others talk about building trust, still others say "bonding" or learning how to solve problems as a group. And everyone agrees that there is an element of fun. In reality, team building is all of the above and more. A good team building exercise creates positive interaction among a group of people, and in doing so enhances their ability to work effectively as a team when they return to the workplace. Interaction can be working together on a unique project (example: boat building and racing), playing games like Team Olympics, putting their heads together to solve a murder mystery, helping each other through a ropes course, playing paintball or flight simulation games in teams, camping, white water rafting; the possibilities are practically endless.

In order to narrow down the possibilities and make a final decision, here are the things you should consider:

The corporate team building companies that you are considering should ask you these questions, not simply try to rent you equipment or sell you games.

What's available in corporate team building activities is only limited by the imagination.

The bottom line is this: team building comes in all kinds of forms at a wide variety of costs. It enhances a meeting by capitalizing on the fact that people are physically present-- all in the same place. So you have a fabulous opportunity to get them interacting; something that cannot happen by teleconferencing or by video conferencing. Furthermore, it makes sense if you structure a team building event to tie in with the goals of your meeting so that it has some lasting effect. Team building is MORE than just entertainment, but if you position it that way, you'll be missing out on its real value.


"The staff is still abuzz today about the event; it far exceeded every expectation I had and then some. This year has been a challenging one for our organization and staff morale has taken a bit of a dive. In swooped Corporate Games and voila, the impact was magical! We had folks from all different departments interacting in a supportive and positive way and people who might normally barricade themselves behind walls of indifference, really getting into the spirit of the day. The event’s design was pure genius---perfectly suited to a group like ours!"


For more information, call Corporate Games at 800-790-GAME(4263) or 925-249-0669 and we will be happy to assist you.