Game Shows & Board Games

Team Building Game Shows & Board Games

We design variations of well-known game shows and board games such as Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and Family Feud. These team building games are usually held indoors.

Corporate Games can also be commissioned to design a game just for your company's training program. Plus, we are an excellent source for producing game materials and playing pieces if you are designing your own team building game.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

This team building game is based on the popular television series. It is very entertaining and can be very informative. We use questions provided by your company for the contestants to answer. We start with a "fastest finger" round, then move onto the "hot seat." The "hot seat" contestant will have the three "lifelines," "Ask the Audience, 50/50 and Ask a Friend." Customized software provides fabulous graphics. This is a great learning tool for new hires or to reinforce information to existing staffers. Our corporate team building activities are like no other.

Team Knowledge Bowl!

If you like "Jeopardy!," you'll enjoy this fast-paced, question and answer game, designed as a great way to reinforce meeting material and company facts for groups up to 100 people. Our version allows everyone to play at the same time; no spectating. Customized software provides fabulous graphics and sound. We use your questions and photos. Everything is projected on a big screen, including team scores and 'Daily Doubles.' Lively, entertaining and educational!


We have produced a version of Trivial Pursuit, and originated games such as Surviving the Outback, Trivial Monopoly, Casino Trivia, Catacombs, Sculpture Pictionary and Outside the Box. Corporate Games can also be commissioned to design a game just for your company's training. We are an excellent source for producing game materials and playing pieces if you are designing your own team building game.

The Catacombs

This is a fast, “shifting” giant board game that is played by four teams of 2-4 people per team. The object of the activity is to work with your team members to collect “artifacts” that are inside a giant maze (5' x 5' square grid of 8” tiles). To do this, they must navigate their player token along clear passageways to reach the items. Teams manipulate the walls and passageways by shifting the tiles that make up the maze each time it is their turn. This is done by inserting a new square tile at the end of one row of the giant grid that makes up the maze. Pushing the new tile into place shifts all the tiles in that row and changes the look (opens or closes passageways) of the maze.

Surviving the Outback

Each team is given a game board and challenged to devise a strategy through the "Australian Outback." The teams will encounter natural disasters and will have limited resources at their disposal. This game illustrates the necessity of planning, communication, and utilization of resources in order to achieve success. This is a great event for managers and executives to understand calculated risk in a fun non-threatening environment. Try something new and uplift your team with corporate team building activities.

Team Monopoly

This is a fast paced game that is not actually played on a "board." It's perfect for nearly any size group and it requires everyone to get up and talk to other people. It has so many things going on at once and requires that people adjust to shifts and changes rapidly. We customize Monopoly for your company and the rules are quite different. For example: Each team works at its own pace. People will work together and individually to trade their cards with other teams—in order to form “monopolies” (usually 3 or 4 cards of the same type, but with different street names). You can imagine the amount of chaos and talking that goes on during the activity. For a group that does not often get to meet face to face, this team bonding game is a perfect way to maximize interaction. At various times there is bidding for certain properties; there is no going "bankrupt." The resulting event is fun, lively and eye-opening!

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"Thank you for a job well done this week at Cisco’s off-site meeting.... The objective of the meeting to have fun and get acquainted with others in the department was achieved and the games you provided helped make it all possible."

-- Cisco Systems